Frequently asked questions

Can I still place orders on eStoreXL ?

Absolutely, eStoreXL is still open for business and you can continue to place orders for products from our huge global range.

Will my package still be delivered on time?

Our Retailers and the delivery companies they work with across the globe are doing all they can to meet delivery dates as normal. Estimated time to ship goods is shown on our product details pages.

Major local and global couriers that are used to fulfil eStoreXL orders are still operational and adjusting their working practices to cater for specific country restrictions. Where there are restrictions, these typically affect specific regions or specific countries and will affect all deliveries in that area for a period of time.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the situation, we ask for your understanding and patience where there are instances of late order arrivals due to circumstances outside of eStoreXL , our Retailers or Couriers control and the high increase in deliveries of goods required across the globe.

Is it safe to receive packages and products?

There is no evidence at this time to show that Coronavirus can be spread via products or packaging. You may see some local delivery practices change (such as digital signature or no signatures required at all, social distancing and other measures) in order to protect delivery staff and you, and to keep the global distribution network operating as efficiently as possible.

What is your returns policy?

We hope you will be satisfied with your purchase, but our returns option is in place as normal and should you need it our returns policy can be found here.

How are you protecting customers, people and partners?

Our team are now all working remotely and adhering to local in-country restrictions and government guidance for working practices.
We are continuously monitoring worldwide health guidance and adjusting our working practices to meet specific needs.

Can I still contact Customer Services?

We hope that the following options will help answer your query quickly and efficiently:

  • For general information - Our help pages
  • For orders already placed - contact the Retailer directly using our Help Centre from the previous page. To start your enquiry, click back and answer “YES” to the question
‘Does your enquiry relate to an existing order?
Please note due to the current situation regarding Coronavirus, we are currently receiving a larger number of customer enquiries, and it’s taking us a little longer than usual to respond, but rest assured, our team will be in contact as soon as they are able to.